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Play in Leelanau County

Whether you prefer a round of golf or perusing an art gallery, the communities in Leelanau County have things to do for everyone, including fun festivals and events.

Play in Baldwin

There’s no shortage of things to do in and around Baldwin, Michigan. Besides fishing, canoeing, and kayaking, enjoy fun events!

Play Along Pere Marquette River

While the Pere Marquette River is known as a great fishing destination, there’s plenty of other things to do along the river and nearby.

Play in Ludington

There’s plenty to do in Ludngton, Michigan. Besides the beaches, Lake Michigan, Hamlin Lake, and more, there are fun festivals and events!

Play in Manistee

Visit the beautiful beaches, play golf, hike in the Manistee National Forest, or enjoy the view on the Riverwalk.

Play in Pentwater

There’s plenty to do in Pentwater. Besides a beautiful beach, the Charles Mears State Park, and more, there are fun festivals and events!

Play in Scottville

Scottville offers camping, fishing, the Pere Marquette River, music by the zany Scottville Clown Band, and more!