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Decades of prevailing westerly Lake Michigan winds created this giant, 2,000 acre sandbox along four miles of Lake Michigan shoreline. The sand dunes of Silver Lake are spectacular. They are always moving with the wind for an ever-changing adventure.

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Do as millions have done for decades, visit Silver Lake once and return for generations. The Silver Lake Sand Dunes area offers numerous opportunities for exciting outdoor activities. Dune rides, jeep tours, water sport rentals, golf, horseback riding, miniature golf, bumper boats, and a go-kart track are just a few of the attractions that are available at Silver Lake.

Off-Road Vehicle Thrills!

Troy Rose rides his dirt bike through a pool of water at Silver Lake Sand Dunes causing a large spray of water. | Moko Media

Whether you bring your own ORV, or go on a dune ride tour, the ever-changing Silver Lake Sand Dunes provide an adventure like no other!

Silver Lake Sand Dunes State Park is one of the few areas in the country that users can still enjoy riding freely on sand dunes. For generations the nationally-known Silver Lake Sand Dunes have provided families with exciting memories of driving, riding and walking on these spectacular mountains of desert-like sand! 

Jeep tours, water sport rentals, golf, horseback riding, miniature golf, bumper boats and a go-kart track are just a few of the attractions that are available at Silver Lake Sand Dunes.

You can ride the dunes from April 1 through October 31. 

Silver Lake State Park

While you’re exploring the Silver Lake Sand Dunes, be sure to visit Silver Lake State Park. This scenic state park is unique because of the 450-acre parcel designated for off-road vehicles. The access to both Silver Lake and Lake Michigan is an added benefit. The 107′ Little Sable Point Lighthouse is located in the Silver Lake State Park, and it is open for tours from late May to late September. Rolling sand dunes, camping, hiking, fishing, and acres of forest make this park a vacation paradise.

Activities & Attractions

The paved Hart-Montague Bike Trail stretches for 22.5 miles over 225 acres between Hart and Montague. Opening in 1991, a local citizen bought the old railroad corridor for trail use and donated most of it to the State. Remove yourself from today’s hectic world as you tour the Hart Historic District. Visit a 19th century church, whose basement houses the extensive “Seymour Rider Indian Artifacts Collection.”

Beaches & Parks in the Silver Lake Area

In addition to the Silver Lake State Park, there are other parks in the area worth visiting. And your vacation is not complete without checking out the various beaches around Lake Michigan and Silver Lake.

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Silver Lake Events

Silver Lake and the surrounding areas offer many events throughout the year for locals and visitors to enjoy. The annual Silver Lake Sand Dunes Apple & BBQ Festival is a hit with all ages. And just a little over 8 miles from Silver Lake in Hart , the National Asparagus Festival happens each June and includes events like the Taste of Asparagus Competition, a 5k, and more. Also in Hart, the Oceana County Fair is held over five days each August. Silver Lake itself celebrates Independence Day with their very own fireworks over the sand dunes.

For travel information or to request a visitors guide contact:

Silver Lake Sand Dunes – Hart Visitors Bureau

2388 N. Comfort Dr., Hart, MI 49431

(231) 845-0324

Silver Lake Sand Dunes – Hart Visitors Bureau

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