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Photo by Todd & Brad Reed Photography

Visit Beautiful Silver Lake State Park

People who love adventure are happy when they choose Silver Lake State Park as their vacation destination. This 3,000 acre park is situated between Silver Lake and Lake Michigan, with Mears being the closest city. Over 2,000 acres of the park are sand dunes and the rest is mature forest land. Within the park you’ll find hiking trails, an ORV area, fishing, swimming, boat launch, lighthouse and campground.

Silver Lake Sand Dunes ORV Area

The northern-most area of Silver Lake State Park is dedicated to off road vehicles. These dunes are the only ones east of Utah that allow private motorized vehicles from April 1-October 31. T 450 acres for ORVs make for an exhilarating ride, but care must be taken as the dunes shift with the wind and are constantly changing. Check with the Michigan DNR site for more information, such as rules and a map of the Silver Lake State Park ORV area.n.

Little Sable Point Lighthouse

Just south of the Silver Lake State Park is the Little Sable Point Lighthouse.

It’s part of a group of lighthouses within a 30-mile region that includes Big Sable Point at the Ludington State Park and the North Breakwater Light in Ludington.

Little Sable Point Lighthouse is open for tours from late May until the end of September. There is a pathway that leads from the parking lot to the lighthouse, allowing those in wheelchairs to access the light.

Little Sable Point Lighthouse. | Todd & Brad Reed Photography

Camping at Silver Lake State Park

For those that enjoy camping, Silver Lake State Park has 200 modern campsites with electrical service and modern restrooms. Prices are $29 in-season and $20 off-season. Call (800) 447-2757 for reservations, or visit the official reservation website here.

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There’s so much to do in Silver Lake! From hitting the dunes to camping out at the state park — it’s an outdoor adventure for everyone.