Discover West Michigan!

Come explore West Michigan's Lake Michigan shoreline--a beautiful region with scenery as varied as it is magnificent. New adventures and new destinations are endless!

West Michigan Travel Destinations

From vacations to staycations — West Michigan has all you want in a fun adventure. Discover our featured destinations…

West Michigan Events

With beauty as the backdrop, there’s no better place to have fun than in West Michigan! Here’s what to do and when to do it!

Featured Businesses

Small businesses are the heart of West Michigan’s communities, providing more than just the necessities. All of the restaurants, pubs, stores, fishing charters, golf courses, florists, and other businesses help create West Michigan’s unique character and culture.

West Michigan Lifestyle

Vacationing along the Lake Michigan shoreline is amazing and so is living that dream. This guide also provides information for those who enjoy West Michigan year round.