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Camping & Lodging in Silver Lake

After a day spent on the lake, beach or golf course, a good night’s sleep is essential. When you are looking for a place to stay, lodging facilities and camping options in Silver Lake provide all the amenities to make you feel right at home and keep you coming back. Whatever your taste in accommodations, Silver Lake and the surrounding communities have the perfect place to lay your head.

Arnouts Rentals, 629 N. Parasail Dr., Mears, MI, 49436, (517) 898-9592

Dunes Harbor Family Camp, 2722 N. Ridge Rd., Mears, MI 49436, (231) 873-3662

Dune Town Camp Resort, 8239 W. Hazel Rd., Silver Lake, MI, 49436, (231) 873-4502

Footprints at Silver Lake, 9765 W. Silver Lake Rd., Mears, MI, 49436, (616) 293-4798

Hideaway Campground Resort, 9671 W. Silver Lake Rd., Silver Lake, MI, 49436, (231) 873-4428

Sandy Shores Campground, 8595 W. Silver Lake Rd., Silver Lake, MI, 49436, (231) 873-3003

Sierra Sands Family Lodge, 7990 W. Hazel Rd., Silver Lake, MI, 49436, (231) 873-1008

Silver Hills Campground, 7594 W. Hazel Rd., Silver Lake, MI 49436, (231) 873-3976

Silver Lake Resort & Campground, 1786 N. 34th Ave., Silver Lake, MI 49436, (231) 873-7199

Silver Sands Resort, 8446 W. Hazel Rd., Mears, MI, 49436, (231) 873-3769

Sun Retreats Silver Lake, 1441 N. 34th Ave., Silver Lake, MI, 49436, (877) 423-4150

Val-du-Lakes Campground, 1573 N. Wilson Rd., Mears, MI, 49436, (231) 873-2267

Woodland Shores Resort & Campground, 8595 W. Silver Lake Rd., Silver Lake, MI, 49436, (231) 873-3003

More Camping & Lodging Near Silver Lake

Ludington Hotels
Ludington Hotels

If you appreciate amenities like an indoor swimming pool/spa and free breakfast, then check out these top-rated hotels in Ludington. With decades of experience in the Ludington hospitality industry, these local owners have carefully chosen the most popular hotel brands with the best reputation for superior quality and consistency: Best Western, Comfort Inn, and Holiday Inn Express. Find out more here.

American Host Inn, 4143 Polk Rd., Hart, MI, 49420, (231) 873-1855

Dunes Express Inn & Suites, 2248 N. Comfort Dr., Hart, MI, 49420, (231) 873-3456

Hart Motel & Suites, 715 State St., Hart, MI 49420, (231) 873-4000

Holiday Camping Resort, LLC, 5483 W. Stony Lake Rd., New Era, MI 49446

Camping & Lodging in West Michigan