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Delicious Home Cooking!

Monday - Thursday, 7am-2:30pm
Friday, 7am-8pm
Saturday, 7am-7pm
Sunday, 7am-2:30pm

Dine-in or Take-out

At North Country Café, we strive to keep our customers happy with fresh menu items and comfort food classics. Very few restaurants make things from scratch the way we do at North Country Café! Owner Karl Reeds has been in the food business for over 30 years, and you can taste the results of his experience! Karl and his staff are dedicated to providing tasty, affordable and safe food choices. Stop in and enjoy how delicious real homemade tastes!

One of the Largest Menus Around!

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Kids Menus

Pizza, Mexican, Desserts

Daily Specials!!!!

Breakfast Menu

Breakfast is served all day!

2 Extra Large Eggs, Choice of Cheddar, American, Swiss or Mozzarella Cheese, Choice of Raisin, Cinnamon, White, Sourdough, Whole Wheat, Swirl Rye, Texas Toast or a Biscuit. Add an egg for $1.29

Cheese – $6.99

Farmers – Cheese, Hash Browns, Onions, Green Peppers, Ham & Mushrooms $9.49

Mexican – Cheese, Onions, Green Peppers, Tomato & Taco Meat $9.49

Western – Cheese, Green Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms & Ham $8.99

Corned Beef Hash – Cheese & Corned Beef Hash $9.49

Sausage Gravy – Cheese, Green Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms & Ham, covered with Sausage Gravy $9.89

Vegetarian – Cheese, Onions, Green Peppers, Mushrooms & Tomatoes $9.39

Bacon, Ham, or Sausage – $9.39

Meat Lovers – Cheese, Bacon, Sausage & Ham $9.99

Scrambled Skillet – Egg, Cheese, Ham, Onion, Green Pepper & Mushrooms over choice of Potato & Toast $8.99

Homemade Sausage Gravy – On American Fries or Biscuits $7.89
Half Order $6.49

Oatmeal – With Milk & Brown Sugar, or Cream of Wheat
Cup $2.39 Bowl $3.49
Raisins add $0.30

(3) Buttermilk Pancakes or (3) French Toast – Cinnamon Swirl or Texas Toast $5.79

With Fruit – blueberry or chocolate chip $6.29

*6 oz. Steak, 2 Eggs*, Potato & Toast – $13.99

*Corned Beef Hash, 2 Eggs* & Toast – $8.59

*Pancakes (2) and choice of Ham, Bacon, Sausage Patty or Links and 2 Eggs* – $7.99

*Choice of Ham, Bacon, Sausage Patty or Links and 2 Eggs* with choice of Potato and Toast – $7.49

*Choice of Bacon, Sausage Patty, Links or Ham, 2 Eggs* and Toast – $6.99

*2 Eggs*, Choice of Potatoes and Toast – $5.99

*2 Eggs* and Toast – $3.99

*1 Egg* and Toast – $3.59

1 Pancake – $2.59

1 French Toast – 2.59

Bagel with Cream Cheese – $3.79

English Muffin, Biscuit or Toast – $2.29

Egg* – 1.29

Side of Meat – 4 Links or 4 Strips of Bacon – $3.59

Side of Hash – $4.89

Side of Gravy – $2.99

Sour Cream, Salsa, Dressings, Tartar Sauce or Peanut Butter – $0.75

Notice: *Can be cooked to order. Consuming raw or undercooked meats or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Lunch & Dinner

Served with choice of Potato, Coleslaw, Applesauce or Cottage Cheese

4 Piece – Wings $9.29

3 Piece – Breast, Thigh, Leg $9.99

2 Piece – Thighk & Leg or Breast & Wing $8.89

1 Piece – Choice of Breast, Thigh, or Leg $7.79

3 Piece Chicken Strips – $9.99

2 Piece Whitefish – $9.69

Stacked Turkey Reuben – $9.99

*Lumberjack – 2 Beef Patties with Ham, Bacon, American & Swiss Cheese – $12.29

*North Country Burger Deluxe – $11.89

Served with choice of potato, coleslaw, applesauce or cottage cheese

4 Piece – Wings – $9.29

3 Piece – Breast, Thigh, Leg – $9.99

2 Piece – Thigh & Leg or Breast & Wing – $8.89

1 Piece – Choice of Breast, Thigh or Leg – $7.79

Bone in or bone out

6 Wings – $6.99

12 Wings – $11.69

24 Wings – $18.99

Choice of Plain, Garlic Parmesan, BBQ or Buffalo sauce

Chili Cheese Fries – $6.29

Ankle Biters (6 mini corn dogs) – $4.49

Potatoes – Choice of Mashed, Baked, Hash Browns, American Fries, Tater Tots, Broasted or French Fries – $2.99

Battered Onion Rings – $4.69

Breaded Mushrooms – $4.79

Breaded Cauliflower – $4.79

Cheese Bread with Sauce – $5.99

Cheese Sticks – $8.69

Coleslaw, Cottage Cheese or Applesauce – $2.39

Cup – $3.29 Bowl – $4.19

Chili Served Daily

We serve our sandwiches with chips. Deluxe add $0.99. Make it a platter – $2.69

Pork BBQ – $6.29

Hot Dog – $3.99

Chili Cheese Dog – $5.29

Tuna or Chicken Salad (choice of bread) – $5.99

Egg Salad (choice of bread) – $4.49

*Angus Burger – $5.49

*Cheese Burger – $5.89

*Olive Burger – $6.49

*Bacon Cheese Burger – $6.69

*Patty Melt on Rye – $6.49

Club Sandwich – $10.99

Tuna or Chicken Melt on Rye – $6.49

BLT on Texas Toast – $5.89

Grilled Cheese – $3.99

Chicken Strip Sandwich – Lettuce, tomato & mayo – $6.99

The Grilled Chicken – Skinless chicken breast with lettuce & tomato – $7.49

Broasted Whitefish – Lettuce & tomato – $6.99

Grilled Cheese – With ham or bacon on Texas Toast – $6.99

Hot Meat Sandwich on Texas Bread with Mashed Potatoes – Ham, Turkey, Meatloaf, Roast Beef or Hamburger – $9.49

Half Order (excluding hamburger) – $7.99

All Dinners come with choice of potato & tossed salad

Broasted ½ Chicken – $12.99

Grilled Chicken Breast – $13.69

Homemade Country Meatloaf – $12.39

*Hamburger Steak (with grilled mushrooms & onions) – $12.79

Beef Liver & Onions – $12.79

Broasted Whitefish – $12.79

5 Piece Chicken Strips – $13.49

Combination Broasted Whitefish (2 Fish, 1 Chicken) – $12.99

6 oz. Fresh Cut Sirloin Steak – $13.99

Garden Fresh Tossed Salad – $3.99

Grilled Chicken Salad – 9.99

Chef Salad – Filled with ham, turkey, cheese, eggs and tomato Large – $9.99 Small – $8.29

Taco Salad – In a taco shell with chips – $9.99

Antipasto Salad – Ham, green olives, pickles, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and mild pepper rings on a bed of lettuce Large – $9.99 Small – $8.29

Frisco Salad – Strips of breaded chicken, tomato, onion, bacon and cheddar cheese on a bed of lettuce Large – $9.99 Small – $8.29

Build Your Own Pizza (includes cheese & sauce)

10” 14” 16”

Cheese $7.25 $11.25 $13.25

Additional Meat Items:

Pepperoni, Sausage, Ham, Ground Beef, Bacon

Or Cheese $0.99 $1.89 $2.39

Additional Veggie Items:

Onions, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Tomato,

Black or Green Olives, Mild Pepper Rings,

Jalapenos, Pineapple, Double Sauce $0.65 $1.05 $1.25

Build Your Own Stromboli

Includes Cheese & Sauce

Small – $4.89 Large – $6.89

Meat: Pepperoni, Sausage, Ham, Bacon, Ground Beef or Extra Cheese – $1.89 each

Veggies: Onions, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Tomato, Black or Green Olives, Mild

Pepper Rings, Jalapenos – $1.05 each

Build Your Own Subs or Wraps

$3.99 Plus $0.99 Deluxe

Meats: Ham, Turkey, Beef, Pepperoni, Chicken Strips, Bacon – $2.29 each

Cheese: American, Swiss, Mozzarella or Cheddar – $1.10 each

Veggies: Onions, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Tomatoes, Black or Green Olives, Mild Pepper Rings or Jalapenos – $0.85 each

3 Soft Tacos (Beef or Chicken) – Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion – $8.99

Chips-N-Cheese – $6.99

Loaded Nachos (Beef, Chicken or Pork, Lettuce, Tomato & Onion) – $8.99

Enchiladas (2) – Seasoned Ground Beef or Chicken, Onions, Corn Tortillas – $8.99

Wet Burrito – Seasoned Ground Beef, Refried Beans, Onions, Cheese – $9.99

Kid’s Corner

10 And Under. Includes Small Drink – $5.99

Egg*, Bacon or Link & Toast

1 Pancake & 2 Bacon Strips

1 French Toast & 2 Links

Hot Dog & French Fries

2 Chicken Strips & French Fries

Grilled Cheese & French Fries

Slice of Homemade Pie or Dessert – $3.59

Alamode (with Ice Cream) – $5.49

Homemade Cinnamon Roll – $3.59

9” Pies (special order only) – $16.49

No Bake Cookie – $1.29

Homemade Cookies (3 pack) – $2.49

Fresh Baked Goods:

Cookies, Pies, Cakes, Cinnamon Rolls, Breads, Special Orders

Please Give Us Two Day’s Notice

Pepsi Products, Iced Tea, Lemonade – $2.49

Coffee or Hot Tea – $1.50

Hot Chocolate or Cappuccino (No Free Refills) – $2.59

White or Chocolate Milk (No Free Refills) Small – $1.99 Large – $2.99

Juices (No Free Refills) Small – $1.89 Large – $2.69

Broasted Chicken or Whitefish on The Go

Chicken or Fish: 8 pc – $14.99 12 pc – $20.99 24 pc – $35.99

About Us

Located just off US-10 along the Pere Marquette River, North Country Café is proud to be a member of both the Scottville community and the greater Mason County/Western Michigan community. Whether you are a local, a visitor, or an outdoor enthusiast experiencing Michigan’s awesome camping, hunting, fishing and canoeing activities, North Country Café invites you to come in as you are!

Started in 2003, we at North Country Cafe and Catering pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding your dining experience. Stop in for a unique, casual, family-friendly dining experience! We have an extensive homemade comfort food-style menu that is dine-in or carry-out. Besides our regular menu that includes all-day breakfast favorites and daily pizza specials, we also host a popular Friday night dinner buffet and Sunday brunch buffet. Let us also cater your special event with dishes that are sure to compliment your one-time celebration or your repeat gathering!

We frequently host fundraisers for local causes as well. If you like us on Facebook, you’ll be kept up-to-date with what’s happening at North Country Café!


Catering Services
After hearing from our loyal customers that there were few quality, made-from-scratch catering options, we decided to expand our already popular regular menu selections into a full-fledged catering menu that offers many types of entrees, appetizers and platters. No event is too large; and we provide home-style menu selections where quality is always a top priority and competitive pricing is a must!

Last-minute planning?
We’ve got you covered! We work with a network of local reputable businesses that provide entertainment, photography, floral designs and baked goods!

We can cater any event!
From weddings, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays or funerals, we strive to make your event stress-free! We also have many references.

We make all of our food from scratch.
At North Country Café and Catering, we pride ourselves on using fresh ingredients and course selections that are made from scratch. All of our Main Course choices include a tossed salad, 2 side dishes and dinner rolls. Again, we also include all dinnerware and provide after-party cleanup!

To cater to your specific needs, all of our meal plans have the choice of different options. You can change your choice of potato (mashed or baked), for instance. Perhaps you may not even want a potato option at all. North Country Café and Catering allows you to choose selections that will be the perfect compliment to your event. We have an extensive selection of amazing side dishes that to partner wonderful main courses (hot vegetable, pasta, or cold salads, for instance). Again, our goal is to make your event as stress-free as possible.

We also offer a variety of party and appetizer platters, linens, bartenders and almost anything you need!

If you choose to use china or paper products, don’t worry, we will take care of all the details! You just let us know what you need. We also offer linens, bar or wine glasses, bartenders, and referrals for cakes or flowers!

We would love to sit down, talk and do a tasting with you. Give us a call at (231) 757-3993 or contact us here.

Contact North Country Café

110 N. Main St.
Scottville, MI 49454

Thanks for your interest in North Country Café of Scottville!

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