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SOS Tree Service

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“Chain saw safety training is my passion.”

Conservation Corps Training, Minnesota

Scott's Expertise as an Instructor

Chain Saw Safety Training & Tree Cutting Techniques

“Hello. I’m Scott Peterson, and my passion is being a professional consultant and chain saw instructor. I have provided training about chain saw safety and tree cutting techniques in a seven-state area, including Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, New York, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania.”

"Have Saw, Will Travel"

Scott is U.S. Forest Service trained in demonstration of chain saw use and tree cutting techniques. There’s nothing Scott enjoys more than teaching and sharing his expertise at chain saw safety seminars.

During his years of teaching, Scott has trained many North Country Trail volunteer groups, and re-certified unrestricted sawyers for the Forest Service and United States Park Service. 

Scott is approved to provide training and field evaluation of Forest Service employees and volunteers. His knowledge in Forest Service safety and training requirements is comprehensive and he is also familiar with OSHA standards. 

During his years as an instructor, Scott has offered training for:
  • U.S. Park Service
  • U.S. Forest Service
  • Department of Natural Resources of Michigan
  • Individuals
  • Youth Camps
  • North Country Trail volunteer groups
  • County Park maintenance crews
  • Entities concerned with forestry

Scott details some of his experience below:

  • In 1991, as a Michigan corrections officer work-crew supervisor, I went through the US Forest Service wildfire power saw course where I became an “A” sawyer, discovering what I had been doing right and wrong. I also completed the wildfire fighting course.
  • I was a work-crew boss for 19 years of my corrections career, and trained a new crew every six weeks. We used chain saws almost daily.
  • I fought local forest fires and went on out-of-state fire-fighting details every couple of years as a sawyer on 20-person hand crews.
  • Around 1995, I became a “B” sawyer.
  • In 2003, I was designated as an unlimited sawyer with the US Forest Service.
  • In 2006, I became a Level C Certifier “Trainer” which is the highest USFS certification in the field of tree felling.
  • In 2014, I retired from my career as a corrections officer and am now pursuing my passion as a full-time sawyer and trainer.

As an instructor, Scott enjoys teaching and sharing his expertise at chain saw safety seminars. Groups smaller than twenty work best in the classroom, with less than eight people per day for field instruction which gives him more time to spend with each individual. He has trained North Country Trail volunteers, re-certified unrestricted sawyers for the Forest Service, and he specializes in precision directional tree falling.

Scott’s specialty is training people in directional tree felling, chain saw safety, and cutting techniques. Instruction of safe chain saw use and tree cutting techniques can be tailored for beginners or experienced chain saw users.

“My chainsaw safety and tree felling instruction utilizes the Forest Service training S-212 course material and the Missouri Department of Conservation training material. MDC is known for its exceptional quality of training.”

Scott Teaches These Topics

During Chain Saw Safety training, Scott covers these topics and more:
  • safety features on the saw
  • handling the saw safely
  • reactive forces
  • maintenance
  • sharpening the chain
  • troubleshooting
  • Fuel issues
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Sizing up the tree, assessing lean, evaluating health and hazards of the tree
  • Learn which technique works best under various circumstances
  • humbodlt, conventional and open face notches and what are they for
  • several back-cut techniques and how, when and why to use them
  • line installation, line use, block and tackle rigging
  • limbing, bucking (log cutting) techniques
  • tension compression analysis
Do your employees know:
  • how to safely use the most potentially dangerous and least understood tool to avoid loss of limb or life?
  • how to properly cut a tree? (Do you hear excuses like “the wind took the tree in the wrong direction” and do you hear excuses often?)
  • how to sharpen a chain saw? Are their cuts straight?
  • when the bar, drive gear, and chain are worn out, and what to do?
  • the safety features on the saw?
  • about the proper personal safety equipment like chaps, hard hats, eye protection, ear protection, boots, gloves, long-sleeve shirts, and other gear available?
  • where the gunning site is on the chain saw?
  • the gauge, pitch, cutter, shape, and cutter sequence that they use on their saw and why?
  • how to calculate the correct dimensions of the hinge?
  • how and when they should use wedges?
  • what a bore cut is?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Scott can help. Whether teaching beginners or those with more experience, Scott will tailor a course to your needs.

Each year, Scott attends annual forest service conferences for Regions 8 & 9 (for states east of the Mississippi River) where he continues his education in the latest training information. He enjoys sharing knowledge and experience with fellow sawyers, as well as critiquing each other in classroom and field sessions.

“It will be my pleasure to accommodate your training needs and I will be happy to discuss options with you. Give me a call at (231) 690-3211.”

SOS Tree Service Offers Precision Tree Felling

Scott Peterson is a Top-Certified Sawyer

When you want a tree removal job done by a nationally certified sawyer, please call Scott Peterson of SOS Tree Service. SOS Tree Service is fully insured to protect your property.

Scott’s niche in tree work is directional tree felling which allows him to drop the trees in the direction where he intends for them to fall. This skill has been developed through many years of dedication to the art of knowing just how to cut the tree. Scott will also utilize ropes to guide trees to the intended target, avoiding the need for heavy equipment, buckets, and excessive rigging.

There are many benefits for customers who use a directional tree felling service. Some customers prefer to own part of the job and save money in the process. After the tree has been safely dropped to the ground, the wood is accessible for firewood cutters who may not have experience or liability insurance for tree felling. This type of tree removal is also perfect for those who are concerned about heavy equipment tearing up lawns or damaging underground utilities such as septic tanks or drain fields. Having Scott drop the tree can save you money compared to a full service removal.

SOS Tree Service offers free estimates & competitive pricing. Serving Ludington, Hamlin Lake, Scottville, and other communities in Mason, Oceana and Lake counties in West Michigan.

Contact SOS Tree Service

Call Scott Peterson to arrange for an estimate.

(231) 690-3211

Or send Scott an email with the form below:

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