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ATV & ORV Information for Mason and Lake Counties

All terrain vehicles (ATVs) and off road vehicles (ORVs) are very popular activities with people of all ages, providing hours of entertainment. Michigan has a public ORV trail system for four different riding opportunities- motorcycles, ATVs, ORVs, and scramble areas. Throughout the state, you can ride on a route system that covers 3,200 miles, with over three-quarters on state forests. Most of these trails are lightly groomed, meaning that you may find obstacles such as stumps, loose surface, or rocks that could pose a danger.

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In Mason County, permits can be obtained for ORVs in the townships of Sherman, Sheridan, Grant, Freesoil, Logan, Eden, Riverton, Victory, and Custer. Hamlin Township does not require an ORV permit, but you should be aware of the Hamlin Township ORV ordinance. In these townships, as well as Lake County, you can ride on the far right portion of the road that is maintained, but not on US or Michigan roads, such as US-10, M-116 and M-37. The majority of trails are found in Lake County throughout the Manistee National Forest. In the northern sections, most routes are between M-37 and North Kings Highway. In the southern part, they are between M-37 and South Kings Highway. These routes make it easy for neighbors to travel through the woods to visit one another–or for hunters to get to their camp.

Here's a brief description of these routes:

Little Manistee Route

47 miles in southern Lake County from M-37 to the West, 16th street to the South, and past 8 mile road to the North. This is for ORVs of all sizes.

Little Manistee Motorcycle Trail

46 miles in roughly the same location as the Little Manistee Route.

Little O Motorcycle Trail & Route

41 miles just North of Wolf Lake, which heads West and up to the northern section of Lake County.

Tin Cup Spring Route (26 miles) and Tin Cup Spring Motorcycle Trail

In southern Lake County just East of South Kings Highway.

Lincoln Hills Motorcycle Trail

25 miles in northeastern Lake County.

Lincoln Hills Route

23 miles in northern Lake County east of M-37.

For more information and to view trail maps, visit michigandnr.org or view Public Act 240 regarding state government land ownership.

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