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Christmas Trees in West Michigan

Choosing a Christmas tree with your family can be a wonderful, memorable event. Live Christmas trees are a beautiful addition to your home during the holiday season, and they can even freshen up the living room with a wonderful evergreen scent.

When you plan a day to pick out a Christmas tree, be sure to visit one of these tree farms in West Michigan. Whether you’re looking for a tree that’s four feet tall or 12 feet tall, these local West Michigan businesses can help you find the perfect tree at an affordable price!

Find Local Christmas Trees Here…

Mason County:

  • The Market- 2442 W. US-10, Ludington, (231) 845-8020
  • Nickelson’s Christmas Tree Farm- 4075 W. Hansen Rd, Ludington, (231) 845-6383

Oceana County:

  • Slocum Bros Tree Farms- 1625 N. 136th, Hart
    (231) 873-3706

Manistee County:

  • Osborn’s Sports Shop (fresh wreaths & trees)- 8929 N. US 31, Bear Lake 49614, (231) 889-3775
  • Calvin Lutz Farms (fresh wreaths, you-cut and pre-cut trees)- 11353 13 Mile Rd., Bear Lake, 49614, (231) 889-5594

Real Versus Artificial Trees

There have always been debate whether real trees or artificial trees are better for your heath and the environment. There are positives and negatives no matter which one you choose, however some negative factors may outweigh the positives. Hopefully, reading the pros and cons will help you choose which may be best for your family and home environment:

Fresh Christmas Trees


  • They improve air quality by emitting oxygen, and they provide habitat for wildlife during the many years it takes for a tree to reach harvestable size.
  • Fresh trees smell wonderful, like you always have a Christmas tree scented candle lit in your living room.
  • For every real Christmas tree harvested, one to three seedlings are planted.
  • Every time you purchase a fresh tree, you are supporting a local business, which helps your local economy.
  • Tree farms typically use land that otherwise could not be unoccupied by other crops, such as such as steep slopes and areas beneath power lines.
  • Real trees can actually be recycled in many different environmentally friendly ways.


  • You have to purchase a Christmas tree every year, which could end up being between $20-$50 depending on how large of a tree you want.
  • Some maintenance is involved in picking your tree and cutting it down, and the needles can be a mess once the tree is set up.

Artificial Trees


  • Can be fairly affordable, and only a one-time cost is involved.
  • Artificial trees can be used year after year.
  • For the most part, it’s mess and maintenance-free.
  • Artificial trees are symmetrical, have a “perfect” shape, and are pleasing to the eye.


  • Artificial trees are made from materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and metal, and are often imported from China.
  • Since they cannot be recycled, artificial trees end up in landfills when they are no longer useful.
  • Some trees can expose us to toxic and even cancer-causing chemicals, which requires artificial trees made in China to have a warning label about the potential risk of lead poisoning.
  • And the older your artificial tree is, the more likely dangerous lead exposure can occur.

After the Holidays, Don't Throw it out, Recycle your Christmas Tree!

After the holidays, it’s time to pack up those Christmas decorations and take down the tree. Artificial trees can be used year after year, but real trees only last one season. Instead of throwing it out, recycle your tree! Sometimes they can be turned into mulch, or be used for other things.

Mason County

The Ludington State Park uses old Christmas trees picked up in the city of Ludington to help prevent land erosion. If you live in the city of Ludington, you can set out your Christmas tree right after Christmas through the month of January and it will be picked up to be recycled.

Hamlin Township

Residents of the township may drop off their Christmas Tree during the month of January at the Hamlin Township Transfer Site on W. Dewey Road. Please remove all decorations, tinsel, stand, etc from tree. Hamlin Township Residents only; signature, address and phone number required. One tree per family/address. The hours are Wednesday and Saturday from 9am-5pm.

Oceana County

Lewis Farm Market & Petting Zoo will accept Christmas trees to be recycled in December and January. Their goats and critters will munch on the trees (it’s a great treat!) and anything leftover will be chipped into mulch. Lewis Farm Market & Petting Zoo is located at 4180 W. M-20 (Stony Lake Road), New Era MI 49446.

Ways to Recycle Your Tree at Home

  • Cut off the limbs of the tree and use them to protect plants susceptible to windburn, or use them to cover and protect plants that may come up early in the spring and may get nipped or damaged by the cold. They can be used as a sort of blanket to protect plants from the freezing temperatures and harmful winter weather.
  • If you or someone you know has a pond, you can sink the tree in the water to provide additional habitat for fish and other pond critters.
  • Turn the tree into mulch. Rent a chipper or take your tree to a landscaping company and have them chip it to turn into mulch. It can then be used in gardens to help prevent weeds or to beautify a landscape.
  • Next year, purchase a tree that can be planted after you use it for Christmas. Some tree farms grow trees in pots that can then be planted in early spring. This is a great solution because the tree can continue to grow and live. The only downfall is that most potted trees have to be smaller in size to fit in a pot.

For more information about Christmas trees, visit the Michigan Christmas Tree Association website.

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