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Use Landscape Stone and Rocks to Add Charm to Your Lawn and Garden

Landscape stone and rock can help mold the perfect path through your garden or up to the front door, it can create the feeling of a new, separate space, and not only can it add value to your property, but it can give your lawn and garden a modern, rustic, or homey feeling.

Pavers for a Charming Patio, Path or Sidewalk

Pavers can create endless possibilities for your outdoor space. Create a scenic walkway in a beautiful backyard garden, or make a smooth, bare feet friendly patio. With so many choices in style, shape, size, texture, and hue, pavers allows you to to both enhance and compliment the natural beauty of any surrounding while being friendly to the environment. From outdoor entertaining areas, sidewalks and driveways to poolside decks, you can count on incomparable strength and flexibility with pavers. They do exceptionally well in freeze-thaw conditions, making them Michigan weather-proof.


It’s a great way to entertain…a relaxing evening by the campfire, socializing with friends and family. What better way to set the mood than with beautiful landscape stone to sculpt the perfect fire pit? With so many different materials to choose from, create a nice patio surrounding the fire pit to make a comfortable setting for lawn chairs and tables. Build a wall around the fire pit with landscape brick or stone to make a safer, more beautiful fire place. Your visitors will give you high compliments on the simple yet charming design of a fire pit surrounded by stone. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of natural landscape stone underneath the stars!

Retaining Walls and Raised Beds

Sometimes the terrain on our properties is so uneven or hilly that a retaining wall becomes necessary to break up the levels of ground and help with rainwater distribution. It can be very appealing to the eye to feature a retaining wall made of natural stone or brick. Something that might seem big and out of place can become a work of art. Hilly terrain can also make it difficult to create evenly sloped garden beds. By building a retaining wall up to the garden bed, it can help present a flat surface to work with.

Edging to Create a Crisp Look

Whether you’re trying to add some color or control a stubborn lawn, edging is the answer. Create a clean, crisp look around your garden beds and trees. Edging can also help with the ease of mowing around your gardens by creating a surface flush with the ground that can be mowed over.

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Landscape Stone & Rocks

Landscape stone and rock can mold the perfect path through your garden, create a new, separate space, and add value to your property.

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