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Garden Centers, Greenhouses, & Nurseries

How many daydreams have you had this winter about digging into the warm earth and just walking around your garden, smelling flowers and enjoying the sun? Soon, although not soon enough, those dreams shall come true. We have many greenhouses, garden centers, and nurseries in the West Michigan area that can help you prepare your garden for the upcoming spring and summer.

Featured Garden Centers, Greenhouses, & Nurseries in West Michigan

The best in homegrown produce, fresh from our own farm--like strawberries, apples, cherries, peaches, sweet corn, pumpkins, and more. Beautiful annuals, perennials and flowers are found in our greenhouse. Bakery features freshly baked bread and rolls, fudge, pies, and more. Family owned since 1960.

More Garden Centers, Greenhouses, & Nurseries

Home Depot, 3865 W. US-10, Ludington, MI, 49431(231) 843-9108

Lowe’s, 4460 W. US-10, Ludington, MI, 49431(231) 480-5100

Weesies Brothers Garden Center & Landscaping, 2343 N. Comfort Dr., Hart, MI 49420(231) 873-5646

Weesies Brothers Garden Center & Landscaping, 3691 US-31 South, Manistee, MI, 49660, (231) 723-6414

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A rule that everyone should live by: for every tree that is cut down, two more should be planted. Planting trees can save the environment.

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Screens are fairly simple and inexpensive to fix. With the right materials, you can fix a screen in less than an hour for about $20 or less.

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Homeowners Insurance

When it comes to your home, and everything inside that has value, it’s important to keep those it insured with homeowners insurance.

Tree Diseases in West Michigan

Tree diseases common to the West Michigan area include Oak Wilt Disease, a fungus, and Beech Bark Disease which is caused by insects..

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More Home & Garden Services in West Michigan

Need a new home wired for electric or repairs to your homes current system? There are many reliable electricians in West Michigan.

Need a new home wired for electric or repairs to your homes current system? There are many reliable electricians in West Michigan.

Find fresh, high quality fruits and vegetables, maple syrup, jams and jellies, pies, and more at a West Michigan farm market or u-pick farm.

West Michigan heating and cooling contractors carry furnaces, central air conditioning, single room conditioners, and more.

Need gutters installed, a fresh coat of paint, or a complete exterior remodel? Home exterior service businesses in West Michigan can help.

West Michigan furniture stores offer quality home furnishings to help you beautify your home interior and make it your own.

From flooring to cabinets, and countertops to wall coverings, you’ll find what you need to beautify your home's interior in West Michigan.

Find landscaping experts and garden centers in West Michigan to help you improve your curb appeal, and for all your lawn and gardening needs.

Whether a dog owner, cat-person, or you prefer a less conventional companion, your friend is in good hands with these businesses.

From installation of new water and sewer pipes to fixing a drip under the sink– plumbing supplies and service in West Michigan can help.

There are plenty of reliable professional services in West Michigan to help you with the needs of your home.

Find a tree removal professional. Licensed & insured services including pruning, stump removal, grinding, lot clearing, and firewood.