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Beautiful Windows Begin With Window Treatments

Windows are an essential part of our homes. While they may offer beautiful views of the outdoors, it’s important to have the option of privacy in your home, and that begins with window treatments.

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For a clean, modern look, choose blinds, which can be custom designed to fit any size window. Energy-efficient cellular blinds are even a possibility, which is a great option for today’s “greener” world. If you have small children, there are cordless blinds which are much safer. Many people appreciate the room darkening blinds for their bedrooms, helping promote a better night’s sleep. For other areas of your home or office, solar blinds may work better; these allow light to shine through. Patio doors and longer windows require vertical blinds…easy to operate and low maintenance.

Other Window Treatments

Beside blinds, there are other interesting options to choose from. Roman shades can really dress up your windows with their “tiered” or “fan” appearance. They look classy in any room in your house. Whatever type of window you have…even arches and skylights…professional window treatment companies can show you all their specialty shapes for shades. And for easy operation, ask about remote control blinds and shades. Have you ever considered indoor shutters? Usually made of wood and louvered in design, they have a real traditional feel to them.



Professional window treatment businesses will usually come to your home or office for a free consultation. Once you’ve chosen your window treatments, they will do all the measuring and will give you an estimate. Whatever your budget, you’re sure to find the right blinds at a price you’re comfortable with. Once the installation is finished, your windows will have a fresh, new look…and most companies guarantee you’ll be satisfied. Some businesses also do blind repair if you’d like to fix your existing window treatments.

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Tree diseases common to the West Michigan area include Oak Wilt Disease, a fungus, and Beech Bark Disease which is caused by insects..


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