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Hankwitz Heating & Cooling | Photo by Hankwitz Heating & Cooling

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Hankwitz Heating & Cooling

Our normal operating hours are Monday - Friday 8-4:30. Hankwitz Heating & Cooling also has an after-hours call line that is monitored for existing customers.

Looking to save money on your heating and cooling needs? Choose ENERGY STAR certified products to reduce expenses for your utilities. For additional savings, many of these products also include rebates. Find out more at and give Hankwitz Heating & Cooling a call.

Looks like old man winter is upon us and we want to share some helpful tips to keep your heat running and hopefully avoid any emergency no heat service calls.

Tip #1) CHECK YOUR THERMOSTAT BATTERIES. They are directional so make sure you look and see the imprint of the direction they are to be inserted.

Tip #2) CHECK YOUR GAS TANKS IF PROPANE. Note if your tank is at or below 10% this can affect the starting capabilities of your furnace. Also letting LP tanks get low can cause debris to be sucked into the gas line going into the furnace which can lead to plugged gas valves and orifices.

Tip #3) CHECK YOUR FILTER. Clogged filters are common for furnace failures. If you have indoor pets, live on dirt roads or just have more dust and dirt coming in. Changing your filter more often can help prevent unexpected furnace failures.

Tip #4) KEEP FURNACE/BOILER VENTING CLEAR OF SNOW AND ICE! Plugged venting will shut down your heating equipment and also may have possible carbon monoxide dangers. Look at the opening of the vent and intake in extreme weather and make sure they are open and able to discharge exhaust fumes and take in clean air. If these have screens on them, keep extra close attention as they will collect moisture, freeze over and cause problems.

Tip #5) PORTABLE SPACE HEATERS. These are always a great idea to have on hand if your furnace does go out. Recommending to have on hand 2 to 4 or more depending on size of home and number of areas you want to keep warm. They are a relatively inexpensive investment that can be a life saver if ever needed. They make great Christmas presents for new home owners as well!

Tip #6) IN THE EVENT OF A NEEDED EMERGENCY SERVICE CALL, PLEASE HAVE YOUR DRIVEWAY, WALKWAYS AND STEPS READY FOR SERVICE TECHNICIANS. Also try to have any excitable animals contained. We have some great guys and want to keep them safe so they can help our customers in time of need.

Tip #7) PATIENCE, please know that each and every one of our customers is very important to us. We will do what we can to get to you as fast as we can. That being said, please understand there maybe more than one person to get to. The road conditions will be a factor in arrival time frame. Safety for all is a high priority.

Stay safe out there!

Our History

Hankwitz Heating and Cooling is a local family-owned company based in Ludington, Michigan. Established in 1975, Hankwitz has been in business for over four decades! Hankwitz Heating is fully licensed and insured.

The company originated with Lowell & Gerry Hankwitz and their children David, Cheryl & Roxann. The company quickly flourished and built a strong customer base that centered on quality and service. David and Cheryl grew up learning the business from their parents, helping the community with their Heating & Cooling needs. The tradition was passed down, upon Graduation from Ferris State University in 1983 from the Heating & Cooling program, David along with his wife Kelly would take the reins from his father Lowell “Hank” and move into ownership of Hankwitz Heating. Cheryl kept their mother Gerry’s (bowling) ball rolling and managed the office with steadfast loyalty to the customers until her retirement in June of 2021.

The Heart of Your Home

Keeping the “heart” (heating & cooling equipment) in our customers’ homes at top performance has always been the goal of our service and the mission of our company values. At Hankwitz Heating & Cooling, we take pride in our long-standing reputation for honesty and integrity.


What our customers say about us:

“Just wanted to send my compliments to Tim for his knowledge and professionalism! Thanks for sending such a top notch technician.”

“The entire business was great. Tech came out to evaluate why we could not get our furnace to start. Found out it could not be repaired and had office call us to see what they could do. She went over prices with me and set up an install date for three days later. They offered to bring us heaters if we needed them but we had enough. Three days later the install crew showed up and went to work. First thing after I showed them where the furnace was, they layed down cloth to catch any dirt from the process. Explained everything they were doing as it was being done. By two o’clock we had heat again, the area they went through in the house was cleaner than when they got there,(as we have another contractor doing work in the basement and making a mess). Before they left, they asked if we would like them to take out our old water heater and haul it away for us. We asked the other contractor and it has been about two months ago they told me they would get rid of it. By the time the Hankwitz crew left we had a brand new furnace installed and the area looked a lot better. Would call them again for any heating needs and would give the whole business a five star rating.”

We are proud to announce that Hankwitz Heating & Cooling was voted “Best Heating & Cooling Contractor” in the 2023 Readers Choice awards. Thank you for choosing us!

Meet the Hankwitz Heating & Cooling Team

Our Staff is Ready to Serve You

Hankwitz Heating & Cooling is lucky to have a conscientious group of team members who continue their education in the latest technology to better serve our customers. 

With over four decades of knowledge and skill shared by the Hankwitz Family, a dedicated team was built that will stand the test of time for years to come.

"Depend On Us"

to bring you Trusted Integrity and Lasting Reliability!

Timothy Hutchison, Business Manager/Estimator; Tim has 30+ years of work in the field with installation and service. This has built a huge foundation of skill, knowledge and expertise in what he recommends in his estimates to our customers. Tim takes great pride in quality installations, a master of the trade. Tim joined the Hankwitz team in September 1991.

Kevin Nash, Service Technician Supervisor; Kevin graduated from Ferris State University in 1985 with a degree in Heating and Cooling and joined Hankwitz team in June 1990. With 30+ years of experience in the field, Kevin is a great asset to our company and customers. He’s also a great teacher for our entire staff and future generations.

James Kullman, Installation Supervisor/Lead Installer; James is our problem solver, organizer, Jack of all trades. A trusted component to the equation of getting things done in a timely manner and is a great asset not only to this company but to the customers as well. James joined the Hankwitz team in September 2011.

Kay Dust, Office Manager; Kay started working under Cheryl’s leadership in May of 2016. In almost 6 years of time with the company, Kay has learned a lot about the Heating & Cooling industry and continues to grow. Her dedication and time spent learning has helped this team continue to thrive.

Jeremy Kyte, Installation/Crew Leader; Jeremy joined the Hankwitz team in October of 2018. Growth and development and leadership skills being taught by upper management, shows highly in Jeremy’s work ethic always wanting to be better at everything he sets out to do. Closely following in the footsteps of his predecessors/teachers. Jeremy cares about the outcome!

Amy Pider, Office Administrative Assistant & our Company Compliance Officer; Amy joined the Hankwitz team in October 2020 and brought customer service excellence with her and has a great knack of providing our customers kindness and understanding as well as to the Hankwitz team and gets our days going on a positive note every day!

Jesse Blanton, Service Technician/Installation; Jesse joined the Hankwitz team in January 2019. Jesse is a loyal self-motivating dedicated technician and although he has not been with our company long, he has made huge strides in his learning and developing skills that would seem to reflect years of effort done every day the Hankwitz way!

Cameron Kelso, Service Technician/Installation; Cameron joined the Hankwitz team in February 2021. Cameron started out in installation and quickly moved up the ladder to Crew Leader. He has since moved into the Service Technician and showing a great deal of skills, another young technician being taught the Hankwitz way!

Derek Mauer, Installation/Crew Leader; Derek joined the Hankwitz team June 2021. Derek brings great personality to the team and a lot of hands on, hard work, do it yourself experience. He shows strong skills in installation and great appreciation for the teachings given to him by his predecessors/teachers, the Hankwitz way!


Hankwitz Heating & Cooling provides installation, maintenance, and repairs for your heating needs.

Are freezing temperatures hard on your heating bill? Let Hankwitz help you keep your costs down. We install and service Heil furnaces, Dunkirk and Veissman boilers, Empire Space Heating, and Modine garage unit heaters. We can help keep you warm!

Boiler Heat Systems

If your home currently has a boiler system and you are looking to replace it or convert to a greener home, then Hankwitz is the company to call. We are here to help you select the boiler that meets your household needs. We work with companies like Dunkirk and Veissmann to bring you boilers that fit your home and budget, that are efficient, dependable and feature up to 95% AFUE rating. These boilers are energy star rated for their efficiency, so you know you are getting a top notch product. Give Hankwitz a call to schedule a free estimate. 

Garage & Shop Heaters

Do you have a lot of projects just sitting in your garage waiting for a warm day so that you can work on them? Now the wait is over, let Hankwitz install a unit heater by Modine in your garage. Modine offers a light weight, easy to install, quiet operating, low profile system that operates with natural gas or propane and is MADE IN THE USA. It is recognized as the industry’s most popular residentially certified gas fired unit heater. Don’t let your projects go undone; Hankwitz is here to help you. 


Heil is the leading manufacturer of reliable, durable, and quiet energy star rated furnaces. Their furnaces provide consistent comfort and are built with a state-of-the-art electronic control monitor system that allows for advanced diagnostics, a timesaving tool for the technician. Heil’s furnaces have up to a 97% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating, which exceeds the energy star minimum rate of 90% AFUE. This high rating means the greater the efficiency, which then means the greater your energy savings potential. . When choosing a furnace, Hankwitz has put their trust in Heil for over 45 years. Heil has numerous ultra-high efficiency products that exceed the minimum efficiency standards of the EPA’s Energy Star Program. Hankwitz will take special care to match you with the furnace that meets your needs. 

Heating Tips

Tips for selecting a heating system from
Selecting a heat system, what type to use:

Fuel – the heating fuels available depend on where you live in the U.S
Climate – the type of heating system you buy will depend on where you live

Warmer climates – might need space heaters
Colder climates – might need central heating
Efficiency – the higher the heating system’s efficiency is, the higher the purchase cost but the lower the operating cost. Look for energy star products.
Size – proper sizing is as important as efficiency, work with a professional to find and install the best heating system for your home.

How to Lower Your Heating Costs

Tips for cutting heating bills:

Use a programmable thermostat to set your heater back while you are away or asleep.
Seal your air ducts and make sure they are properly insulated.


Hankwitz Heating & Cooling provides installation, maintenance, and repairs for your cooling needs.

We install and service central air conditioning and ductless mini-split systems. To find out which cooling system is right for your needs, call Hankwitz Heating & Cooling to schedule a free estimate.

Central Air Conditioning

Hankwitz installs and services Heil air conditioners which are quiet, durable and energy efficient. When choosing an air conditioner, Hankwitz has put their trust in Heil for over 30 years.  Heil’s energy savings are rated up to 19 SEER (Season Energy Efficiency Ratio) which exceeds federal Energy Star efficiency standards. The minimum set by Energy Star is 14 SEER. (Heil website) The higher the SEER, the greater the energy savings. Heil has numerous ultra-high efficiency products that exceed the minimum efficiency standards of the EPA’s Energy Star Program. Hankwitz will take special care to match you with the air conditioner that meets your needs. Click the following link for more information:

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

If you are looking for heating and/or cooling for your home or office that doesn’t take up as much room as traditional systems, try a ductless mini-split system.  This system eliminates the need for basement or attic equipment and bulky duct work. Ductless mini-splits use thin copper tubing that pumps refrigerant directly to discreet wall mounted blowers inside, while the louder components like compressors and motors are outdoors. They are energy efficient, allow for individual zoning, require no duct work, and provide you with a peacefully quiet inside environment. Ductless mini-splits are not just made for cooling the air, some units are capable of heating your home or office too. One advantage to mini-splits is the high quality filtration system that allows for better indoor air quality and that prevents the breeding and distribution of airborne bacteria. Other advantages are consistent comfort throughout the room and simple remote operation of the unit. Hankwitz installs and services ductless mini-splits from Fujitsu and Comfort-Aire. Both companies offer high efficiency ratings. Hankwitz wants you to be comfortable with ductless mini-split systems. Call Hankwitz for more information on how this type of unit can work for you. 

How to Lower Your Cooling Costs

Some tips from for lowering your cooling costs.

  • Install and set a programmable thermostat, it could help you save up to 10% on heating and cooling costs a year.
  • Buy an energy star qualified air conditioning unit, they’re up to 15% more efficient than standard models.
  • Insulate and seal ducts; air loss through ducts accounts for about 30% of a cooling system’s energy consumption.

Check with your local utility provider for information on rebates and savings for energy efficient products. Also check for any tax credits that these energy efficient products might have.

Other Services

Water Heaters

If a water heater is what you need, Hankwitz can help you choose from brands like AO Smith, Rinnai, and Navien. AO Smith’s high efficiency, energy saver, energy star models offer the flexibility to meet all of the needs of residential and commercial installations. They have delivered innovative hot water systems for over 70 years. You can choose from gas, propane and electric water heaters.


Having problems keeping your houses temperature regulated? Worried that the furnace or air conditioner are running up your utility bills because your thermostat is not running properly? Hankwitz is here for you. We carry Honeywell thermostats and other controls. Thermostats are a device designed to establish and maintain a desired temperature automatically throughout your home or office. Having the right controls is key to save you time and money. Honeywell offers a wide variety of thermostats and other accessories like indoor and outdoor sensors, portable comfort control, and entry/exit remote, programmable thermostats, and Wifi thermostats. Give Hankwitz a call, we would be happy to talk to you about your thermostat. Click the link for more information on Honeywell products.

Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air indoors is important, especially if you have allergies. With the use of air cleaners, humidifiers, de-humidifiers, UV Air purifiers and energy and heat recovery ventilators, you can control the quality of your indoor air and breathe healthier. Some signs of poor indoor air quality are:

  • Watery, itchy eyes
  • Runny nose, congestion
  • Headaches
  • Asthma
  • Coughing
  • Fatigue
  • Body aches
  • Stale, stuffy air
  • Lingering odors
  • Fast buildup of dust on tables and other surfaces

If you are seeing any of these signs, then you need to do something about the air quality indoors. Hankwitz uses General Aire products and together they can help you. Give Hankwitz a call and we can help you clear the air! Click on the link for more information on GeneralAire products.

Hankwitz Industrial Arts Scholarship Award Recipients

Hankwitz Heating and Cooling has pledged $1000 per year to award a promising student who plans to go into the trades. 

Lucas Peterson is the 2023 Ludington High School Industrial Arts – Hankwitz Scholarship Award Recipient. Lucas plans to become a lineman.


Keese Villarreal is the 2022 Ludington High School Industrial Arts – Hankwitz Scholarship Award Recipient. Keese plans to become a lineman.

The award was presented by Dan LaDuke.

Contact Hankwitz Heating & Cooling

(231) 843-2809

609 S. Washington Ave.

Ludington, MI 49431

Send an email to Hankwitz Heating & Cooling

Thanks for your interest in Hankwitz Heating & Cooling!

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