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Pentwater Fishing Reports

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All reports are from the Department of Natural Resources (DNRE) — unless otherwise noted


Pentwater Fishing Report March 5, 2020
Pentwater River: Sun and warmer temperatures should help improve the steelhead bite by the weekend.

Pentwater Fishing Report February 27, 2020
Pentwater River: Steelhead fishing was slow.

Pentwater Fishing Report February 13, 2020
Pentwater River: Steelhead fishing was slow, with varying water temperatures and fish holding up in the deeper holes.

Pentwater Fishing Report February 6, 2020
Pentwater River: Had some reports of steelhead being caught.

Pentwater Fishing Report December 19, 2019
Pentwater River: Steelhead were caught upstream from Long Bridge Road in Oceana County.

Pentwater Fishing Report December 5, 2019
Anglers were trolling for steelhead and vertical jigging for perch at the mouth of the channel. Some perch were caught in front of the Municipal Marina.
Pentwater Lake: Steelhead were moving through and were caught.
Pentwater River: The water was high and dark.

Pentwater Fishing Report October 10, 2019
Pentwater River: Was producing some salmon.

Pentwater Fishing Report June 20, 2019
Those out trolling caught trout and salmon in 150 to 200 feet.

Pentwater Fishing Report May 9, 2019
Pier anglers caught walleye and steelhead.

Pentwater Fishing Report April 4, 2019
Pentwater River: Steelhead anglers targeting the deeper holes are taking the occasional steelhead on spawn.

Pentwater Fishing Report March 28, 2019
Pentwater River – Continues to produce steelhead. No big number yet; however, some of the fish that have been caught were good size.

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