Photo by the Huron-Manistee Forest

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Scottville Clown Band
The Scottville Clown Band performs at the annual Manistee Forest Festival. | Photo by the Manistee Forest Festival.

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    Manistee’s Riverwalk

    The Manistee Riverwalk follows the Manistee River from Jones Street, under the US-31 bridge, behind downtown, and ends at First Street beach.

    Manistee National Forest

    Manistee National Forest together with the Huron National Forest occupies almost a million acres of land in Michigan’s lower peninsula.

    Winter in Manistee County

    Winter in Manistee County includes great outdoor activities like skiing, snow shoeing, hiking, ice skating, and more.

    Relocate to Manistee, Michigan

    Manistee has the unique combination of beauty, history and nature, which attracts visitors from all over and inspires many to call it home.