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Spring Clean Up Days in Mason County

April-June 2024

Every year, households go through old belongings and tend to take part in some kind of “spring cleanup,” whether that means recycling that stack of old magazines, or going through the garage and sorting junk, or scrubbing the whole house from top to bottom. Because of this spring cleaning, townships in Mason County offer a Spring Cleanup day, so you and your family can get rid of all the junk you find while you sort and clean the house!


2017 was the last year for Ludington Spring Cleanup Days, because the City has transitioned to a monthly arrangement for pickups of larger amounts. Currently, Republic Services will pick up bulky items once per month from the curb in front of resident’s homes.

On a city resident’s first collection day of each month, the following items may be placed curbside for pickup with no additional charge:

  • Two bulky items; or
  • Two non-freon appliances; or
  • One bulky item and one non-freon appliance; or
  • One bulky item and three additional 33-gallon bags of trash; or
  • One non-freon appliance and three additional bags of trash; or
  • Up to six additional 33-gallon bags of trash, which is in addition to the three 33-gallon bags of trash or containers that Republic Services picks up as part of its basic service. This means that up to nine 33-gallon bags of trash maybe placed curbside on the resident’s first collection day of the month at no charge and with no need to purchase any stickers.

Bulky items may not include boats, bricks, batteries, concrete, engines and satellite dishes.

Stickers may still be purchased by residents who must dispose of bulky items in excess of these limits for $5 per bulky item. In addition, residents who must dispose bags of trash in excess of these limits can still purchase stickers for $2 per additional bag of trash.

Owners of commercial properties may purchase up to five stickers per week at a cost of $15 per sticker for the removal of bulky items.


Scottville Residents may place one bulky item to the curb on the 1st Tuesday of each month.

Examples of items would be: mattress, table, chair, couch, vacuum, microwave, tv, etc. They cannot use a black or other color garbage bag as their 1 item.

Residents may also purchase a tag at City Hall for $15 for disposal of additional items or on other Tuesday trash days during the month. For more information:

Pere Marquette Township

Spring Clean-Up Day in Pere Marquette Township no longer happens yearly. Instead, two bulky items or up to 10 bags will be collected each month per single family home during the first collection day of each month (this does not include Freon appliances).

Riverton Township

August 10th, 2024 from 8am-12pm

Cleanup day for Riverton Township is mid-August from 8am-12pm at the Riverton Township Hall- 2122 W. Hawley Rd., Ludington.

Each household is allowed one pickup truck load of items; no items containing Freon and no hazardous waste. All items must be in a container or bagged.

Branch Township

April 2025

Branch Township’s Spring Cleanup Day is held at the U-Stor at the corner of US-10 and Weaver Rd. Not accepted are chemicals, oil, or paint. Everything must be boxed or bagged and no help unloading will be available.

Questions can be directed to Township Supervisor Michael Shoup at (231) 757-9746.

Amber Township

May 2025

Amber Township spring cleanup day is early May from 8am-12pm at Amber Township Hall- 171 S. Amber Road. Rules are as follows:

  • No tires, paint, hazardous waste, yard waste, batteries, oil or Freon. appliances
  • No commercial refuse.
  • Loose garbage must be bagged, boxed or bundled.
  • Metal products must be separated for the Padnos container.
  • Material for recycling should be taken to Waste Reduction
  • Residents only, with proof of identification or tax receipt.

Personnel on site will assist you. Do not leave garbage on the ground after the designated time.

Free Soil & Meade Township

May 2025

Cleanup day for Free Soil and Meade Townships is early May. This is held at the Free Soil Township Hall- 497 E. Free Soil Rd., Free Soil.

Residents with proof of residency or property ownership are allowed one pickup truckload or pickup size trailer load. No paint, antifreeze, oil, hazardous material, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, lawn or garden waste or roofing materials.

Victory Township

May 2025

The Victory Township Cleanup day is mid-May from 9am-12pm.

Cleanup Day is held at Waste Reduction Systems, LLC- 5848 N. Stiles Rd., Ludington. Contact them at (231) 843-9129 for more information.

Hamlin Township

June 2025

The Hamlin Township Cleanup Day is mid-June from 8am-12pm at the Hamlin Township Transfer Site on W. Dewey Road.

Township residents are required to obtain a FREE voucher from the Hamlin Township Offices prior to the Cleanup Day.

The Tire Recycling Collection is in August from 8am to noon at the Hamlin Township Transfer Site. Hamlin Township Property owners must secure a FREE voucher from the Hamlin Township Offices. Property owners may bring up to 10 tires, any size for free, with a signed voucher.

Have items to dispose of that aren’t accepted for Spring Clean Up? Check out our story on the annual  Clean Sweep Household Hazardous Waste Day!

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